Voting to kill

Voting To Kill is the awkwardly titled new book by NRO regular Jim Geraghty (TKS). In the book Geraghty takes a timely look back at the elections of 2002 and 2004, arguing that the elections inaugurated an era of Republican leadership resulting from the response to 9/11. The book’s publication date is today.

I read the book this summer in galleys to review it for National Review. I am reliably advised that the forthcoming issue of National Review carries the review. The book is interesting, entertaining and heartening. In the review I take issue with Geraghty on a few points and suggest that the trend of Republican dominance that he observes occurs within a larger trend of declining Republican strength in presidential elections.

Yesterday NRO ran K-Lo’s interview with Geraghty about the book: “A party of vote killers?” Glenn and Helen Reynolds also interviewed Geraghty about the book, and Glenn has posted variously formatted audio recordings of the interview accessible via Instapundit here.


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