What Clinton didn’t do

While watching Bill Clinton’s bloviations on FOX News Sunday during Clinton’s interview with Chris Wallace, I thought of Richard Miniter, the journalist and author of Losing Bin Laden. Given that Chris Wallace was able to prompt that red-faced response with such an innocuous question, I wondered if a few minutes with Miniter might not send Clinton to intensive care. I thought, for example, that Miniter might ask Clinton a few questions about Clinton’s treatment of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center — an attack that Clinton shrugged off in a few paragraphs of his subsequent Saturday morning radio talk, never to return to the subject. Miniter hasn’t obtained the interview with Clinton, but he himself now comments on Wallace’s interview in today’s Wall Street Journal: “What Clinton didn’t do…and when he didn’t do it.” Miniter adds a few comments at his blog.


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