Where Have We Been Today?

This has been one of the thinnest posting days in our 4 1/2 year history. We’ve all been more or less out of commission. Scott is delivering his middle daughter to our alma mater; I don’t know Paul’s whereabouts, but no doubt he is immersed in one lawsuit or another, probably on the road; and I spent the day in Washington, DC, on business.

It was a gorgeous day in Washington, the first time I’ve been here in some weeks when it was neither oppressively hot nor raining. I finished the day with a meeting at the Capitol, on a balcony overlooking the Mall. It was inexpressibly lovely.

The down-side of our being busy practicing lawyers is that there are occasional days when we are too busy to follow the news. The up-side, I suppose, is that there are occasions when we actually know what we’re talking about.

Not to worry: we’ll be back soon.

PAUL adds: Actually, I was in Hanover, N.H. too helping my daughter set herself up at the alma mater. We dined with the Johnsons and Power Line reader and alumni activist Joe Asch. Washington may have been lovely on Tuesday, John, but I doubt it was any match for Hanover.


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