Russian rumbles left and right

As Russia reverts to some form of Oriental despotism, the troubling news out of the country accelerates at a furious pace. Today Reuters reports on the murder of the prominent Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya: “U.S. ‘shocked,’ Kremlin silent as journalist killed.”
Last month Reuters also reported on the murder of the reformist central banker Andrei Koslov (or Kozlov): “Contract killers blamed in death of Russian banker.” Paul Volcker wrote about Koslov’s murder in a subscribers only column for the Wall Street Journal last week: “The murder of Andrei Koslov.” The Los Angeles Times article on Politkovskaya’s murder discusses it in the context of the series of murders of prominent Russians including Koslov. The Times article also quotes Politkovskaya:

Today’s regime in Russia, as personified first and foremost by Putin, is interested only in power


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