A star-studded evening

Who would have thought ten years ago that the stately National Review, of all opinion journals, would come to “own’ internet journalism? Not me. But that’s how it turned out, thanks to the efforts of Jonah Goldberg, Kathryn Lopez, and Rich Lowry who (in his telling) suffered this to happen. For me, NRO is the indispensable web site for conservatives, and I visit its flagship blog, The Corner, more frequently than I visit Power Line.
NRO held a party for its tenth anniversary this evening. Mitt Romney, Kathryn’s choice for 2008 was there, but he was only one of many stars in attendance. It was a pleasure to see and meet so many Power Line readers, and so many writers to whose commentary we link. One of the highlights of the evening was meeting Simone Ledeen, who volunteered to work on the Iraqi reconstruction, only to be slandered by the Washington Post for her efforts. Another was a long and delightful chat with Mona Charen, whose work I have admired for years.
The evening was proof once again that being a conservative is fun even when times are not necessarily happy for conservatives.


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