The selling of the constitution

The powers-that-be at Dartmouth College are engaged in a public relations blitz and major league turn-out-the-vote effort supporting passage of the proposed alumni constitution. Dartmouth undergraduate Joe Malchow has now posted a major investigative piece on the Dartmouth campaign that Dartmouth trustee Peter Robinson nailed yesterday as fighting dirty at Dartmouth. Joe has posted the results of his investigation at Joe’s Dartblog. Joe’s work may amount to the best piece of investigative journalism this campaign season. I’m taking the liberty of reposting Joe’s text here. Please go to Joe’s post “How to annoy the rich and powerful: Vote” for the links supporting Joe’s report. Joe writes:

Well, then. I suppose it is safe to say that Dartmouth alumni governance has become intensely politicized in recent months. The small group which has dominated it for years


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