Iraq without the MSM filter, Part Two

Yesterday, I mentioned the book Operation Homecoming, an anthology written by men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their family members. I noted that the mainstream media seems to be ignoring the book.
It’s not surprising that the MSM, determined to ensure monopoly status for its own negative narrative, has little to say about a less negative report from those who are fighting the wars in question. But the MSM’s lack of subtlety is still jarring. I’m told that one reporter from a major newspaper called the book’s editor, Andrew Carroll, and asked, “Are there any Abu Ghraib-type revelations in the book?” When Carroll responded that there weren’t, the reporter said, “Then I’m not interested” and essentially hung up.
As I understand it, “Operation Homecoming” does not whitewash what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is not intended to make a political statement. Rather, the idea is to emphasize the courage of our troops, the profound sense of pride they have in one another, and the sacrifices they and their families are making for all of us.
In this, the MSM is “not interested.” But you may be.


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