Jihadi Lawyer Gets Jail Time

Attorney Lynne Stewart, convicted of smuggling messages between her jailed terrorist client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, and an Egyptian terrorist group, has been sentenced to 28 months in prison.
Reuters doesn’t seem to like the sentence; it volunteers that:

Some observers said the case stemmed from Bush administration efforts to discourage the defense of accused terrorists.

Apparently that wasn’t how the jury saw it. Then there is this:

Stewart [has been] long a defender of the poor and unpopular.

The jihadis, of course, are anything but poor. Most are middle class, some are rich, and their movement is lavishly funded. It’s true, I guess, that the terrorists are unpopular. But that’s because they make no secret of their desire to commit mass murder whenever possible. But the left only knows one story, so an anti-American lawyer like Stewart must be a heroic “defender of the poor and unpopular.”
The real moral of this story is that there is a meaningful security risk in turning captured terrorists into criminal defendants, with all of the procedural rights entailed by that status.
Via Power Line News.


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