The latest Steele-Cardin poll

The latest Survey USA poll of the Maryland Senate race shows Michael Steele and Benjamin Cardin tied with 46 percent each. As with the last Survey USA Maryland poll, Republicans may have been oversampled. This time Democrats exceeded Republicans by 18 percentage points (as opposed to 16 points last time). The Democratic lead in voter registration is more like 25 points.
Still, the poll gives Steele reason for hope. And, as I’ve said before, this race may be particularly volatile and hard reliably to poll because of the racial politics involved.
JOHN adds: I suppose the polling was done before Steny Hoyer’s “slavish” remark, for which Hoyer has now apologized. It will be interesting to see whether this incident turns out to be a tipping point that causes African-Americans to react against the racist tinge of the Democrats’ campaign.


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