Blog of the Week: Confederate Yankee

This week-or-so’s Blog of the Week is Confederate Yankee, by Bob Owens. Bob first syled himself the Confederate Yankee when he moved from the South to New York; he now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bob writes that he has been “a day laborer, college freshman composition instructor, salesman, sports writer, web designer, and technical writer.” Bob writes sharp conservative commentary. His most recent post is a link to a demolition of the completely unscientific, and politically motivated, Johns Hopkins “study” that purported to show hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths that are, of course, all our fault.
Thanks to Pamela of outgoing BOTW Atlas Shrugs, one of the most active political sites on the web. Keep checking Atlas Shrugs–right now, you can catch her latest Election VLOG, starring Pamela herself.