Senate Scoreboard

NRO’s Corner posts these recent poll results which, for the most part, will come as good news to Republicans:
MD Steele: 43% Cardin: 51% Zogby/WSJ NEW 10/19
VA Allen: 50% Webb: 47% Zogby/WSJ NEW 10/19
NJ Kean: 47% Menendez: 45% Zogby/WSJ NEW 10/19
PA Santorum: 44% Casey: 52% Zogby/WSJ NEW 10/19
OH DeWine: 45% Brown: 49% Zogby/WSJ NEW 10/19
TN Corker: 49% Ford: 42% Zogby/WSJ NEW 10/19
MO Talent: 50% McCaskill: 47% Zogby/WSJ NEW 10/19
MT Burns: 35% Tester: 46% Montana State University-Billings 10/18
RI Chafee: 39% Whitehouse: 49% Rasmussen 10/04
These results may not be correct, but almost all of them strike me as plausible. One exception may be Maryland. I think Cardin is ahead, but I question whether he’s 8 points ahead.
Another is Tennessee. Corker did have a lead of approximately this magnitude early on, before Ford did a media blitz while Corker stayed on the sidelines trying to raise money after his tough primary fight. It’s possible that Corker has regained all of his old lead, but I doubt it. Still, he doesn’t need to win by seven percentage points.


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