Help Mark Kennedy, and Help Hold the Senate

This morning I spent some time with Congressman Mark Kennedy. He took a few minutes to tape an interview with me. It’s more than an interview, actually; it’s a direct appeal to readers of this web site for help in the last days of the campaign.
Over the past six years, Mark has compiled one of the best voting records of anyone in Congress. He is a sophisticated businessman–if elected to the Senate, he will be that body’s only CPA–with a strong record as a tax and spending hawk. He is uncompromising on matters of national security, and is as straight a shooter as has ever run for office. He is absolutely deserving of your support, and if he wins, there is no way the Democrats can take over the Senate.
Our local newspaper has run polls purporting to show Mark’s Democratic opponent with a big lead. That’s nothing new; the Strib’s Minnesota Poll is always wrong. Its most famous blunder was in 1978 when it forecast a loss for Rudy Boschwitz’s Senate campaign. Instead, Rudy won by 19 points. The same thing, more or less, happens every two years. In 2002, the Minnesota Poll said that Walter Mondale would beat Norm Coleman. Note who is now doing a great job in that body: it isn’t Mondale. So listen to Mark, and then decide whether you want to give in to the naysayers, or fight back against those who want to undo everything Republicans have accomplished over the last six years to strengthen our economy and provide for the national defense.

You can contribute to Mark’s campaign here. Please do!


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