Big Green Machine: This year’s model

When we were students, the Big Green Machine was the undefeated Dartmouth football team of 1970. That team provided Coach Bob Blackman his third and final undefeated season as the head coach of the team. In 2006, the Big Green Machine is the administration’s public relations blitz in support of the proposed new alumni constitution.
The proposed new constitution is needed to prevent such outsider trustees as T.J. Rodgers, Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki from disturbing the peace of the powers-that-be at the school. In today’s New York Sun my daughter takes a look at the public relations blitz and quotes gimlet-eyed Dartmouth alum Dale Beihoffer:

“These aggressive and expensive campaign tactics are the kind of thing I would expect from an embattled corporate board of directors facing a hostile takeover attempt,” a 1965 Dartmouth graduate who has received e-mails and phone calls from the public relations companies, Dale Beihoffer, said. “The Dartmouth administration and current alumni officers seem to be deeply afraid of an open and honest debate and fair election procedures, throwing everything they can into persuading alumni to vote


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