Upping the Ante in the Minnesota Senate Race

Our friend Mark Kennedy is running for the Senate in Minnesota against liberal Democrat Amy Klobuchar. The conventional wisdom is that he is behind, but can win if he closes hard. Today Mark unveiled a new television ad that addresses the national security issue head-on, in the context of Iraq.
The Iraq war is said to be unpopular. True, I suppose; war is always unpopular, especially if it continues for more than 90 days or so. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the voters favor surrender. Mark’s opponent has adopted a classically lazy liberal’s approach toward our war against Islamic terrorism: withdraw from Iraq, then negotiate. With whom? Beats me.
That’s the genesis of Mark’s television ad. Here it is:

Mark deserves credit, I think, for telling the voters, bluntly, that we can’t negotiate with people who are trying to kill us. If you haven’t already done so, you can contribute to his campaign here.


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