Put out more books

A soldier serving in Iraq wrote us recently and asked us to withhold his name for reasons explained below:

I work at the Counterinsurgency Center for Excellence within Iraq. Our Center is building a library for recreational reading as well as to facilitate critical thinking across the spectrum of current topics with which we must be conversant. I noticed months ago your readers assisted a Marine unit with related books, and in particular those that provide a conservative political and economic perspective the mainstream media, public schools and our universities rarely provide. Would you please consider assisting us in this way, also?
If you or your readers would consider assisting, please send the books to the following address:

Headquarters COIN CFE, ATTN: Library
Camp Taji, Iraq
APO AE 09378

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your Blog during the last two years, and I recommend its content to as many people as I find that are interested in recognizing and understanding the truth. As with Mr. Limbaugh, who is very popular in military circles you do not dictate what to think. You facilitate our thinking for ourselves by discussing the issues and providing perspective. Contrary to the far Left, you urge freedom of speech and opinion and often provide multiple sides of the issues.
Should you choose to assist us, please don


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