Good Advice from Iraq

Iraqis who have signed on to the coalition’s project of promoting democracy in that country must be a little bewildered by the spectacle now being created by democratic processes both in the U.S. and the U.K. Yesterday Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih expressed concern about the tone of the current debate about his country:

“I’m obviously concerned about the debate both in the U.S. and Europe, I have to say, because there is too much of a pessimistic tone to this debate — even I would say in certain circles a defeatist tone,” he told BBC radio.
“We need to be realist but not defeatist. We need to understand that there is a need of utmost urgency to deal with many of the problems of Iraq but we must not give in to panic.”

Panic will peak between now and November 7, and then subside when it no longer serves an immediate political interest. Remember al Qaqa? In the meantime, it’s no surprise if the Iraqis have come to doubt the reliability of their chief allies.


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