Jim Webb — untruthful self-promoter?

Milton Copulos blows the whistle on James Webb’s claims about his role regarding the Vietnam memorial. Webb says he “first proposed, then led the fight for including an African American soldier in the memorial statue that now graces the Vietnam Veterans memorial of the National Mall.” But Copulos, one of for members of the panel that chose the statue, says this is false. It was the idea of the sculptor, Federick Hart, to include an African American. And, according to Copulos, Webb didn’t lead the fight for inclusion either. Rather, says Copulos, Webb was mostly above the fray, claiming at one point that his participation in important meetings arranged through Sen. Warner would hurt sales of an upcoming book.
Webb takes credit for a key telephone call to Secretary of Interior Watt. However, Copulos says he made the call and that Webb had nothing to do with it.
Capulos concludes:

While this is not the only example of Mr. Webb’s shameless self-promotion, more than any other, it shows his true nature. He tries to portray himself as another George Washington, but he’s really another Huey Long.

Having watched Webb’s filthy campaign from across the Potomac River, I don’t think this comment is that much of an exaggeration.


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