Podcasting the Election, and Making News. Sort of.

During the first half hour of our show on Saturday, we talked about the shift in momentum toward the Republicans in recent days. We discussed several races, including the Minnesota 6th, an open seat where Republican Michele Bachmann is running against Democrat Patty Wetterling. No sooner had we gotten into a discussion of that race than we got a call from “Michele from Stillwater,” who made a typically high-energy contribution to the show.
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In a related development, our podcast of our interview with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow during the same radio show has made news, sort of. Left-wing columnist Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post, citing some lefty blogger who actually listened to the podcast–that must have been painful for him!–evidently thinks it’s news that Tony said CNN was being “manipulated” by terrorists when it played the terrorists’ video of them sniping at American soldiers.
Wow, what a news flash! Of course, in his press briefing, Tony had already said:

Well, your network has shown pictures of snipers hitting Americans, which was used as a propaganda tool, so the fact is that — it shows real sophistication on the part of these guys, because it creates the impression that Americans are sitting ducks, and that these guys are capable, when, in fact, while you have a capable enemy, they’re dying in much greater numbers and suffering much greater damage.
[A]ll we’re doing is making it clear what’s going on. I think, perhaps — I’m sure the editors are savvy enough to know that when they get a video like this, it’s designed less to give you a full and complete view of what’s going on in the country than to create a sense of triumphalism for the killers of Americans. That’s the intention of that. I think that’s hard to dispute.

So, given that CNN was “used as a propaganda tool,” it’s not a great stretch to add that they were “manipulated” by the terrorists. Actually, it’s a little hard to see a theory on which a news network that shows terrorists’ propaganda films as news is not being manipulated.
Whatever. We’re glad, in any event, that lefties are listening to our podcasts. Maybe they’ll learn something.
UPDATE: AFP also quotes from our Tony Snow interview. The AFP story doesn’t have any particular point, which I guess is a step up for AFP.
PAUL adds: Is there anyone associated with the MSM who’s as clueless as Froomkin? No one comes to mind. Consider this sentence: “What’s particularly fascinating about Dionne’s piece is that it posits the Democrats as a moderate — not equally extreme — option to radical Bushism.” Consider that another news flash from Froomkin — E.J. Dionne thinks the Democrats are more reasonable than President Bush.


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