Athletes Get Involved in Missouri

Missouri has an embryonic stem cell/cloning research amendment on the ballot next month. As I’ve written before, I’m against government spending on embryonic stem cell and cloning research because the science isn’t promising. If it were, the pharmaceutical companies would do it. So this appears to me to be just another boondoggle; a handful of scientists and others will make off with many millions of taxpayer dollars, and decades from now, in all probablility, the project will quietly be declared a failure and put to rest.
In the meantime, though, the Democrats are trying to make hay out of the “issue;” in Missouri, actor Michael Fox has made a campaign ad for Democrat Claire McCaskill in which he promotes the ballot proposition. Which is all too tiresomely predictable. The more interesting news is that a group of Missouri athletes and others have made a competing ad opposing the ballot proposition. Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals and Jeff Suppan, who is currently appearing in the World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals, participated in the ad, as did Kurt Warner, formerly a star quarterback for the St. Louis Rams. Here it is:


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