A look at Quds Day

MEMRI executive director Steven Stalinsky takes a look at Quds Day, an Iranian holiday introduced by Ayatollah Khomeini that is marked on the last Friday of Ramadan: “Western press ignores Iran’s hate-filled Quds day.” Stalinsky reports that the festivities this year this year’s focused both on calling for the annihilation of America and embracing Iran’s nuclear program. He also reports:

President Ahmadinejad gave a series of speeches leading up to and on Quds Day. At an Iftar address on October 14, he discussed his “connection with God” and said: “The president of America is like us. That is, he too is inspired … but [his] inspiration is of the satanic kind. Satan gives inspiration to the president of America.”
Mr. Ahmadinejad delivered his Quds Day speech under a banner that read, “Israel must be wiped off the face of the world.” He described the holiday as “a day for confrontation between the Islamic faith with the global arrogance.”
In another speech, he said Israel was “doomed” and promised that the Israeli “regime will be gone, definitely.”
The words “the Zionist regime is a cancerous gland that needs to be uprooted” were written in a communiqu


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