Annoy the Washington Post, contribute to the Steele campaign

The Washington Post has endorsed Robert Ehrlich, the Republican Governor of Maryland, for re-election. Not long ago, it declined to endorse Michael Steele, Ehrlich’s Lt. Governor, for the U.S. Senate. Instead, it endorsed the Democrat, machine politico Ben Cardin.
I hope readers will excuse my cynicism, but I can’t help believing that the Post has made these endorsements with both eyes on the polls. The polls show Ehrlich (who certainly deserves to be re-elected) running well behind his opponent, but have Steele within striking distance of Cardin, and closing. Thus, the Post can appear fair-minded by endorsing a prominent Republican at little or no cost to what I take to be its agenda, control of government by liberal Democrats. Is it mere coincidence that four years ago, in a very close gubernatorial race, the Post endorsed the hopelessly lame Kathleen Kennedy Townsend over Ehrlich? I doubt it.
I knew Michael Steele when he was a paralegal at my former law firm, working his way through law school. He is an exceptional man and he’d make a fine Senator. Moreover, a Steele victory would virtually ensure that Senator Leahy would not become the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary, meaning that President Bush would continue to have a decent shot at confirming judges who follow the law, not their liberal policy preferences — judges like Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor and (with luck) Supreme Court Justices like John Roberts and Samuel Alito.
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