Election projection: An update

Scott Elliott (“the Blogging Caesar”) of Election Projection writes:

Just thought I’d let you know early that SurveyUSA’s poll out today showing Michele Bachman up 6 has moved MN-6 back into the good guys’ column. And that’s with the Strib poll still in the calculations. She’s only up a fraction, but that’s a good lead in my view given the Strib poll’s inclusion.
This change will show up in tomorrow’s premium pages. Along with Talent moving ahead of McCaskill today, Bachman’s move more than ever indicates the GOP has not only turn the corner – it’s leaving it behind. Let’s just hope this keeps up!
Another note: Gerlach is only down three to Murphy in PA-6 – and that’s a Democratic poll! So in reality that 44-47 deficit is probably more like a 47-44 lead.

I would like to adapt Paul Mirengoff’s exhortation yesterday and urge that you annoy the Star Tribune, contribute to Michele Bachman (and to Tim Pawlenty).


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