Broken News Network

I watched a little CNN over the lunch hour today. At one point, the newscast was interrupted by an ad for a Democratic political candidate. I had to wonder: why would a Democrat advertise on CNN? After all, the network’s programming is basically a 24/7 commercial for the Democratic Party. Why pay to interrupt it? One of CNN’s many overtly partisan features is a series called “Broken Government,” which, I assume, will run until November 7, whereupon, if CNN gets its way the government will be “fixed.”
Even the 24/7 echo chamber doesn’t always hear what it’s hoping for, however, as Blog of the Week Confederate Yankee points out: CNN Poll Says Bush Failed: America Not Completely Fascist Yet. Conf. Yankee says:

Note with amusement that CNN filed this under “Broken Government,” and get them sockpuppets some smelling salts.

Here is what caused the Conf. Yankee to snicker:

Most Americans do not believe the Bush administration has gone too far in restricting civil liberties as part of the war on terror, a new CNN poll released Thursday suggests.
While 39 percent of the 1,013 poll respondents said the Bush administration has gone too far, 34 percent said they believe the administration has been about right on the restrictions, according to the Opinion Research Corp. survey. Another 25 percent said the administration has not gone far enough.
Asked whether Bush has more power than any other U.S. president, 65 percent of poll respondents said no. Thirty-three percent said yes. Of those who said yes, a quarter said that was bad for the country.

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, it’s easy to lose sight of how utterly flat the Bushitler theme has fallen with the American public.


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