Parody of the Week

Or maybe of the year. Last night, I was driving home from work and turned on the Hugh Hewitt show on AM 1280 the Patriot, as always. I tuned in just in time for the beginning of Hugh’s one and a half hour interview of Andrew Sullivan, who is on tour promoting his book The Conservative Soul. The interview, frankly, started out weird and got weirder, as Sullivan seemed to think it was dirty pool for Hugh to have read his book and to be prepared to ask him questions about it. I got home and tuned out long before the interview was over, but after Sullivan was finished, Hugh did his weekly bit with James Lileks. Lileks had the inspired idea of parodying Sullivan, and, I believe, got word to Hugh to ask him about the weather here in Minnesota. The genius of James Lileks took over from there.
To fully appreciate the parody, of course, you have to listen to at least a few minutes of the original, which you can hear here. I have, really, no desire to beat up on poor Andrew, so I’ll say nothing more about that; here, purely for entertainment value, is Lileks, one of the truly unique talents of our time, channeling Sullivan: