Lynne Cheney Blitzes Blitzer

Lynne Cheney has written several children’s books. Her latest, Our 50 States, has just been published, and Mrs. Cheney is on a book tour promoting it. Earlier today she did an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN. Blitzer, though, wanted to talk about anything but the book. He started by quizzing Mrs. Cheney about her husband’s purported enthusiasm for waterboarding, and went from there to repeating Democratic talking points to the effect that she wrote pornographic passages in her novel Sisters, and therefore James Webb’s fiction is OK.
I’m long past being outraged at this kind of ambush; what is entertaining about this particular episode is how thoroughly Mrs. Cheney thrashed Blitzer. Hugh Hewitt has posted the transcript; I recommend it for your reading enjoyment. Mrs. Cheney routed Blitzer so thoroughly that by the end he was reduced to whimpering that she had been too well prepared for his ambush!

You came armed. I guess you knew what you wanted to do.

This may be some kind of first in the history of journalism. Actually, of course, Mrs. Cheney didn’t come “armed;” she came smart. One of the lessons we take from this sort of mismatch is that many leading journalists aren’t very bright. Next time, Blitzer will be well advised to stick to children’s books.
UPDATE: Here is partial video, unfortunately not the whole thing.


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