The Good Guys Don’t Always Win…

…but one race where the good guy–OK, she’s not exactly a guy–is going to win is in Minnesota’s 6th District, where Republican Michele Bachmann is running for Mark Kennedy’s Congressional seat. Michele is a very smart, energetic and dynamic tax lawyer–I know, it sounds unlikely, but it’s true–whereas her opponent, Patty Wetterling, has never held public office and has little if any knowledge of the issues. Wetterling’s sole claim to fame is that her young son was tragically kidnapped and murdered quite a few years ago.
Sadly, Wetterling has run a campaign that is not only ineffective, but dishonorable. Repeatedly, she has run ads that objective observers–make that, Democratic observers–have labeled false and misleading. Now the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has weighed in with a television ad supporting Wetterling. Unfortunately, the DCCC’s ad is just as deceptive as those produced by Wetterling’s own campaign. This morning, loyal Democrat Eric Black of the Minneapolis Star Tribune had to admit that the DCCC’s ad was false:

A highly deceptive ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee takes one vote out of context to distort congressional candidate Michele Bachmann’s record on crime.

In a campaign season marked by a lot of low moments, the Wetterling campaign has produced some of the lowest. Fortunately, this time, at least, the good guy–so to speak–is going to win.


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