Can’t anybody here play this game?

That’s what Detroit Tiger manager Jim Leyland must be wondering after his team lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 1. Looking more like their 2003 incarnation, the Tigers committed 8 errors (5 by pitchers) and scored only 11 runs in the five games. At least they were better than the 1966 L.A. Dodgers who, in 4 games, committed 6 errors while scoring 2 runs. But the Dodgers made all of their errors in one game (3 by Willie Davis in the same inning of Sandy Koufax’s last career appearance), while the Tigers spread theirs around, seemingly waiting for just the worst times to commit them.
Congratulations to the Cardinals and to the city of St. Louis, arguably America’s best baseball town. The Cards may not have deserved to be in the post-season, but they certainly deserved to win the World Series.


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