A vanguard stymied

So far, 2006 has not been my favorite election cycle. Still, I’m getting some pleasure from the left’s displeasure about what’s going on in Connecticut with Ned Lamont. The wealthy anti-war candidate is now trailing Senator Lieberman by double digits and, given Lamont’s seemingly dead-in-the-water status and the fact that Lieberman is still a Democrat, the national party seems largely uninterested in assisting Lamont further.
Naturally, the infantile left blogosphere is beside itself. NRO’s Sixers has collected some of its rantings directed at leading Democrats. Here’s one example:

I have such contempt for Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and thirty-four other cowardly, anti-Democratic senate Democrats who haven’t recognized the importance – both for the people of Connecticut and the Democratic Party nationwide – of having the junior senator from Connecticut be a Democrat. This is simply disgraceful.

Other specific targets include Barack Obama, John Edwards, Russ Feingold, and the Clintons.
The outrage these bloggers are experiencing is a good indicator of what things will be like when (as must happen at some point) the Dems come to power. Because the liberal-left is so out-of-step with the voters even in a blue state like Connecticut, adult liberal politicians cannot consistently accede to the deep desires of these bloggers (even though many of them probably share these desires). The bloggers will either have to accept this reality or rant from the fringes, as they are doing now regarding Connecticut. In either case, they will be essentially irrelevant. Indeed, one suspects that it’s this sense of irrelevance that’s producing the venom being spewed now.
The infantile left blogosphere acts like some sort of Leninist-style vanguard destined to dictate an ideologically pure agenda to the Democratic party. Fortunately, although the Democratic party has its deficiencies, Leninism is not among them.


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