For Hennepin County Attorney

Hennepin County includes the city of Minneapolis and inner ring suburbs. The position of Hennepin County Attorney is the one that is about to be vacated by Democratic Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar. It is one of the most important law enforcement positions in the state, and it is a black mark against Ms. Klobuchar that she has remained silent while the gang problem has worsened markedly in Hennepin County over the past eight years she has served in office.
Two Democrats are running for the postion of Hennepin County Attorney. Mike Freeman served two terms in the office from 1991-1999; he left the office in connection with an unsuccessful gubernatorial candidacy. Andy Luger served as a criminal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s office in Brooklyn and in Minneapolis before leaving for private practice.
John and I have written frequently about gang crime in Minneapolis over the past several years. I wrote about it most recently last year in “Return to Murderapolis” and in follow-up posts including this one. Luger has made the issue of gang crime the number one issue of his campaign. He promises to bring the techniques used to take down organized crime in New York to the prosecution of gang crime in Hennepin County.
The Minnesota Republicans whom I most respect are supporting Luger for Hennepin County Attorney. Because of his focus on gang crime I agree with them that Andy is the guy for the job and I hope he is elected on November 7.


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