If Only All the Republicans…

…ran campaigns as sharp as Michael Steele’s. Have you ever wondered where the men in the street in “man in the street” campaign ads come from? This is a Ben Cardin ad called “Real People,” in which a series of Marylanders identified only by name praise Cardin:

Just plain folks, right? The Steele campaign Googled Cardin’s “real people” and put out the results in their own ad:

Well, they’re real people all right, but not exactly men (and women) in the street. I’ve occasionally seen the same thing in wire service stories that include quotes from seemingly randomly-selected people. But when you Google the names, they sometimes turn out to be, say, the chairman of the local Democratic Party.
Steele has run a terrific race against against a mediocre opponent, and I think he’s going to win.
PAUL adds: Steele has run a great race and he has a shot. But Maryland is a brutal state for Republicans in a difficult, and potentially brutal year. Meanwhile, in a far less brutal state, Rasmussen has Webb opening up a lead on Allen.
JOHN adds: Yeah, great idea for the Allen campaign to go after Webb’s novels. Nothing like keeping your eye on the ball in the closing days of a campaign!


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