Pride of Minnesota

I hadn’t intended to post this classic photo, simply because I assume pretty much everyone has already seen it. But we have received several messages from readers identifying at least some of the eight soldiers as members of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division (MN National Guard). They’re smart, they’re funny as hell, and they’re giving it up for the USA. We salute them with hometown pride.
Kerry, meanwhile, has finally apologized on his web site. It’s one of those “sorry I was misinterpreted” apologies, but as some poet once said, ’twill do, ’twill do. If he’d done this 24 hours ago, he’d have been fine.
UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson salutes the Pride of Minnesota:

One of the things I love about America is the spontaneous brilliance and humor that undermine all pretension. No better example was that wonderful banner from our brave and ingenious soldiers in Iraq…
20 million Americans must have seen it all over the Internet, and nothing sums up the nothingness of Kerryism better than those smiling soldiers. After seeing that, no wonder he’s offering deer-in-the headlights apologies. This is a man who remembers everything and learns nothing.
Then there was the finger-in-the wind initial Democratic response: their supposedly slight ill breeze suddenly became a Katrina hurricane, and, Presto!, they were all over the airwaves demanding from poor Kerry the apologies that just a few hours ago they thought were not necessary.
As for Kerry


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