A Casey campaign assault

Columnist Stephen Morse of the Daily Pennsylvanian greeted Bob Casey with a few questions yesterday when Casey arrived to speak at the University of Pennsylvania. Morse tried to get a comment from Casey about the cancellation of John Kerry’s scheduled appearance with Casey. Morse also asked Casey questions about what Morse views as Casey’s underreported pro-life stance.
Morse reports that for his efforts he got an elbow to the stomach from Casey campaign spokesman Larry Smar:

I decided to leave the media pack and go off on my own. I was met with nothing less than Larry Smar obnoxiously covering my camera with a folder, accusing me of working with Virginia Davis (Rick Santorum’s press secretary) and an off-camera elbow to the stomach. Thanks Larry!

Morse has posted video of his encounter with Casey and Smar (sans the elbow to the stomach) at the link above on The Spin, site of online comments by the Daily Pennsylvanian’s columnists.


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