Alumni to Dartmouth — thanks but no thanks

The proposed new Dartmouth constitution has been rejected by the alumni. The new constitution, which would have changed the rules for electing alumni trustees, required the approval of 67 percent of those voting. It failed to get even a majority — 51 percent of us voted “no.”
The powers-that-be at Dartmouth had hoped through the new constitution to make it more difficult for insurgent candidates like T.J. Rogers, Peter Robinson, and Todd Zywicki to succeed as “petition” candidates. The campaign for the new constitution featured mass emailings, recorded phone calls from former Dartmouth athletes like Reggie Williams and Jim Beattie, and live (speaking loosely) calls from telemarketer types. All of the hoopla, including efforts by opponents of the constitution like Dartmouth junior and Power Line behind-the-scenes star Joe Malchow, produced a record turnout but no new constitution.


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