Pride of Minnesota, take 3

Bob von Sternberg is on the case of our hometown heroes for the Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Minnesota unit created ‘Halp us Jon Carry’ sign.” He even places us in the story:

Members of a unit under the command of the Minnesota National Guard turn out to be the creators of an intentionally misspelled sign that takes a mocking shot at Sen. John Kerry.
The sign, painted in thick, blue letters across a white banner says, “Halp us Jon Carry – We R stuck hear n Irak.”
The picture of the sign, held by eight soldiers, has raced across the Web and on TV newscasts for the past two days. Power Line, the Twin Cities-based conservative blog dubbed the soldiers “our hometown heroes of the Minnesota National Guard.”

Von Sternberg adds that “the unit also has soldiers from five other states” and it is not clear whether any of the pictured soldiers are from Minnesota.
I think David Ward would have let us know if we’d gotten that wrong. With any luck, von Sternberg will speak to Mr. Ward this afternoon. In the meantime, check out the wealth of information Milwaukee radio talk show host Charlie Sykes has compiled here. Charlie read Mr. Ward’s message in our post this morning and tracked down Mr. Ward for an interview this afternoon. Charlie has posted the audio of the interview, which confirms the Minnesota connection. Mr. Ward’s pride in his daughter, as well as his enjoyment of Power Line, come through loud and clear. Don’t miss this one!


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