A word from Col. Horvath

Lt. Col. Jan Horvath is the officer at the Counterinsurgency Center at Camp Taji who has agreed to receive books sent by readers to stock the center’s library. Today Col. Horvath writes:

Thank you for all you do for us. We appreciated the Jon Carry coverage – kudos to the 1st BCT of the 34th Division for their creative and honorable humor. Congratulations on Big Green’s win.
Last and certainly not least, thank you and all your readers for the tremendous outpouring of books. The gracious and patriotic sentiments expressed by so many contributors touched many of our leaders – they appreciate the support of our citizens. After all, we are your Army. Thank you again.
I remain VR,

Once again, the address for readers wanting to contribute books to the Counterinsurgency Center at Camp Taji is:

Lt. Col. Jan Horvath
Headquarters COIN CFE
Camp Taji, Iraq
APO AE 09378

Thanks to all our many readers who answered the call to “put out more books.”


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