Piling On

At last night’s Army-Air Force football game, someone unfurled this banner. It’s reported that cadets on both sides cheered wildly. Click to enlarge:

John Kerry is a gift that hasn’t stopped giving yet.
Via BlackFive, one of a number of excellent milblogs that we haven’t linked to as often as we should.
UPDATE: And don’t miss Austin Bay’s superb meditation on military service, John Kerry and honor.
It’s lengthy and multi-faceted. An excerpt:

In 1999 I briefly served as deputy commander of a Hurricane Mitch recovery operation headquartered in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. An earthquake (6.6 magnitude) struck the region and damaged our barracks area as well as several of the dikes our engineers had erected along the Motagua River. We had to evacuate our barracks, in the midst of heavy rains spawned by a tropical depression.***
That night I took the still-boxed Chivas to one of the troops


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