Introducing the New Power Line News

We are delighted to announce that we have completely revamped our Power Line News site. Go here to explore the new site. It includes all the features of the old site, but is sleeker, quicker and more attractive. The key new feature is the Power Line Forum. As long as we have been producing Power Line, some readers have expressed a desire to comment on our posts. Others have appreciated that our site is not cluttered up with comments. We hope the Forum will be the best of both worlds: those who want to comment can do so, while others can just read this site without distraction.
And it’s not just our posts that you can comment on in the new Forum. There are Forum sections for all of the blogs from which we have RSS feeds on the site–ten of our favorites, plus the Blog of the Week. In addition, you can comment on any news story that is carried on one of our news RSS feeds. Commenters can carry on dialogue in the usual fashion, and can rate one another’s comments. It is easy to find the most recent, most popular and highest rated discussion threads.
The Forum will be strictly moderated so that anyone posting abusive or otherwise inappropriate comments will be banned permanently.
As part of the new news site, we are also unveiling our new video site, here. This page, which we have been using de facto for a while, is all-Flash. In addition to our own content, some of which is unique, you can watch Reuters news videos there.
Also, don’t forget to vote in our poll. As in the past, we’ll run polls from time to time on the news site; the current questions are, who will be “winners” and “losers” in this election cycle, regardless of the results on Tuesday. (Hint: John Kerry won’t be one of the winners.)
We’re hopeful that our new, revamped news site will be the go-to destination for conservatives, and others, who want the latest and best in news and commentary. Take a look, and send us your impressions. We’ll no doubt be making improvements in response to your suggestions over the coming weeks.
So, check out the new news site, register for the Forum–it takes only seconds–and join the conversation.
Thanks to Joe Malchow, who has guided this project from its inception, and to the Blog Studio, which has carried it out with considerable help from Joe.


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