The Evans and Novak Political Report

predicts, based on a race-by-race analysis, that the Democrats will gain 19 seats in the House and only two in the Senate. It sees Senate losses only in Pennsylvania and Ohio (likely) and Montana (leans). It finds that Chafee and Talent have surged ahead and predicts that Steele more likely than not will ride a stronger than expected showing with black voters to an upset victory.
These predictions run counter to the gloomy assessments I’ve heard Novak make over the course of the campaign. They reflect his view that there probably has been a late surge by the GOP.
Sorry, I don’t have the link.
JOHN adds: That’s really sort of funny. Novak has been one of the near-hysterical pessimists for the last couple of months. Now, at the last minute, he is winding up where cooler heads–or more optimistic ones, anyway–have been all along.
SCOTT adds: Readers including Carol Platt Liebau and Lt. Col. John Cunningham have kindly sent us the link to Bob Novak’s political report.


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