Forum Post of the Day

Our new Power Line Forum, part of the completely overhauled Power Line News site, is off to a great start. Here is one of many interesting Forum comments, this one by Amillennialist, who responds to Paul’s post, When Bad Things Happen to a Good System:

This analysis–as too that of the President and his administration, Old Media, and just about every other Infidel too unaware (how can one be unaware now over five years out from 9/11?) or too timid to admit it–fails to account for the role of Islam. It looks at the Global Jihad through the prism of its own belief system (or lack of one) and expects observant Muslims to think, vote, and act as Westerners would. This is naive and foolish, for the Religion of Peace is the defining factor in all calculations involving the Muslim world and our Global War of Self-Defense Against Allah, and it is diametrically opposed to the values and beliefs foundational to Western Civilization.
The fundamental issue on which American success in Iraq has always hinged is to what degree the Iraqi people embrace the will of Allah. The more devout, faithful, and religious its people, the less likely will it be that Iraq will achieve true Liberty and equality of rights for all its citizens (including religious minorities and women), and the greater the likelihood that its people will continue to contribute to jihad against us.
In effect, America and its friends are making our success in Iraq dependent upon the apostasy of its Muslims.

Amillennialist’s analysis is provocative, to say the least. Read it all, and respond if you wish.


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