Follow Election News and Returns…

…at the Power Line Forum Election 2006 thread. If you have news, rumors, turnout data, commentary, or whatever, post it on the Power Line Forum.
On election night two years ago, I was at Rockefeller Center in New York, participating in NBC’s election coverage. I had Joe Trippi on one side and Ana Marie Cox on the other–both Democrats, but both people I like a lot. It was a tough afternoon, as exit poll results came flooding in, via leaks to Ana Marie and official consortium results to Joe. They were nice about not rubbing it in, but then, of course, the actual results started coming through, and our moods reversed. The experience reminded me that when the going is tough, it’s nice to be among friends. So check in to our Election 2006 forum tomorrow to follow election results and commentary.
And, of course, starting at 8 p.m. tomorrow night, you can tune in to the AM 1280 the Patriot to hear our coverage of national and local races. Once again, you’ll be among friends!


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