Live from BNN: A preview

John Hinderaker has dubbed CNN the Broken News Network in homage to its “Broken Government” series of Democratic Party talkning points this election season. Mrs. Cheney’s crushing indictment of CNN in her interview with Wolf Blitzer rightly included as one of its counts the “Broken Government” series. Despite our failure to offer a kind word about CNN, CNN has invited me to participate in its 2006 E-lection Night Blog Party this evening at an Internet Cafe in Washington.
I’ll be joining a group of bloggers left and right including Ed Morrissey and Jim Geraghty and live blogging election results and related comments beginning at 7:00 pm (Eastern). CNN will cover the get-together on one of the feeds to its Pipeline channel, which I understand is to be available free tonight, and cutting occasionally to it in the course of its election coverage on CNN itself. I’ll be checking the races I’ve paid special attention to this fall, with calls to Terry Pell in Detroit at the headquarters of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative and to Brian McClung at the Pawlenty campaign.
PAUL adds: CNN — bad network; good people. Sort of like Romania under Ceausescu, except that the good people at CNN aren’t being held captive.


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