Those Exit Polls

Why talk about them, given how utterly wrong they were two years ago? We won’t talk about them much; we should have something more substantial before long. For what it’s worth, here is how they’re being reported, apparently as to the Senate races, although this isn’t entirely clear:
Democrats leading:
Virginia (52-47)
Rhode Island (53-46)
Pennsylvania (57-42)
Ohio (57-43)
New Jersey (52-45)
Montana (53-46)
Missouri (50-48)
Maryland (53-46)
Republicans leading:
Tennessee (51-48)
Arizona (50-46)
Exit polls by their nature are probably less reliable than a well-done telephone poll, so its’ hard to draw any conclusion from these numbers one way or another. It could be a long night for the Republicans, but these numbers don’t prove it.


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