Indiana update

The networks aren’t so focused on the House races now that Senate results are flooding in, but Republican Mark Souder is pulling ahead (about 12,000 votes) with aproximately 75 percent of the vote counted[note – this wasn’t the key race – see below]. And Republican Chris Chocola isn’t dead yet. He’s only down by about 5,000 votes with half the vote counted. Moreover, a Republcan challenger, Eric Dickerson is dead even with a Democratic incumbent with about 40 percent of the vote in, though I wouldn’t count on a pickup in that one.
Bottom line, despite signs of Republican life, the Dems probably pick up two seats in Indiana.
UPDATE: Fox has declared that Chocola has lost. It’s also declared Northup a loser in her Kentucky race. Indeed, it looks like all of the votes have been counted in her district and that she lost by a little more than 6,000.
MEA CULPA: I got confused as to which Republican incumbent was in trouble. It wasn’t Souder (3rd district), it was Sodrel (9th). And he’s still in trouble, losing by about 2,000 votes. So the Dems may well gain three in Indiana, as they had hoped, after all. However, Fox News says there may be a major legal challenge brewing over some sort of irregularities in the Sodrel race.


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