Bush to Reappoint Bolton

Earlier today, I expressed skepticism about whether President Bush would be willing to challenge the Democrat-controlled Senate by appointing a solidly conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, should the opportunity arise. So it’s only fair to note that he is going ahead with the renomination of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador, with the idea of getting him confirmed by the time the Dems take over next year. Confirmation may be a long shot; Lincoln Chafee, for one, has already said that he will oppose Bolton. Of course, Chafee is also saying that he may leave the Republican Party. What does that tell you?
Bolton has performed admirably at the U.N., and to the extent anyone has noticed, I’m sure his tenure has been popular. This might be the first test of whether the Dems are willing to put their moonbat days behind them.
Via Power Line News.


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