Prospects for Hillary

In the post below John alludes to his view that Hillary can’t win the 2008 presidential election. I disagree. Putting the question of the strengths and weaknesses of her unknown Republican opponent to one side, I think Hillary could reasonably be expected to carry each of the states John Kerry won in 2004. I can easily see Hillary picking up Ohio, New Mexico, Iowa and/or other states Bush won in 2004 — not that she will, but that she could. It seems to me the real challenge is finding a Republican nominee strong enough to hold on to the states Bush carried in 2004 against a candidate as strong as Ms. Hillary.
JOHN adds: The great thing about when we disagree is, one of us is almost sure to be right!
PAUL adds: Put me mostly in Scott’s camp on this one. I’m not sure that Hillary is a “strong” candidate, but I’m convinced that she’s electable under the “right” circumstances.


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