Allahu Akbar

Notwithstanding Scott’s best efforts, Keith Ellison cruised to an easy victory in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District. The mainstream media never did cover his long association with the Nation of Islam; his support for cop-killers and violent gangs; or the many other lesser foibles that would have doomed most candidates. His election is being heralded around the country as the first ever by a Muslim. That, at least, is true. Listen to the audio of a television report on Ellison’s acceptance speech:

Actually, there was one Congressional candidate in Minnesota whose religion was criticized and questioned by newspaper reporters: Michele Bachmann, who won in the Sixth District. In a televised debate, a reporter asked her how she could expect support from Catholics in view of her religious beliefs. She’s a Lutheran. Needless to say, no such indignity was inflicted on Ellison.


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