Join the Forum!

A week ago today, we launched our brand new, thoroughly updated Power Line News site. It has all the functionality of our old news site, plus much more, in a beautifully designed (by the Blog Studio), fast loading package. Power Line News is the easiest, and we hope most fun, way to keep up with news and conservative commentary on the web.
The biggest new feature of the revamped news site, by far, is the Power Line Forum. We’ve never enabled comments on this site, for a number of reasons, but we know that we have many readers who have a lot to say. The Forum allows our readers (and anyone else) to comment not only on our posts, but on those of all ten of the other blogs we feature on Power Line News (Michelle Malkin, InstaPundit, Captain’s Quarters, Red State, et al.), as well as the Blog of the Week and just about any news story. Or just start their own threads, which is mostly what has happened so far.
In the first week of its existence, the Forum has taken off to an extent that we did not fully anticipate. A thousand people have registered to post on the site. A number of threads have attracted great interest. The Guess Who’s Pleased with Election 2006? thread explores the enthusiasm with which the terrorists have greeted the Democrats’ midterm victories. So far, it includes 67 posts and has been viewed by more than 3,800 people. The most popular thread to date is Your People, Sir, Is A Great Beast, with 157 posts and more than 4,600 views in just over 24 hours. And there are a number of others that have received more than 1,000 views over the past few days. New threads are started every few minutes, and the quality of the commentary has been remarkably high.
Our intention is to keep it that way; vigorous debate is great, but anyone responsible for profane or abusive posts will be banned from the site.
So if you want to join the conversation, we think the Power Line Forum is the best place on the web for conservatives (and others, of course) to congregate, commiserate, and debate the issues of the day. Check it out by going here; if you want to participate, all you have to do is go to the main news site and click on the “Join the Power Line Forum” graphic on the right sidebar to register, which requires only seconds. Just be sure to register a working email address, as you have to receive and click on an email to activate your account. From there on, it’s up to you.


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