The new Republican National Committee Chair

reportedly will be Florida Senator Mel Martinez. Apparently, Martinez will continue to serve in the Senate, even though Flordia has (and will continue to have) a Republican governor who could appoint a Republican replacement.
In the old days, it was common for an office-holder to serve as party chair (Sen. Scoop Jackson was the Democratic party chair circa 1960, for example). I guess that’s the model that the Republicans will use now, as it makes a prominent Hispanic-American the party’s spokesperson. A political specialist/operative presumably will oversee the nuts-and bolts stuff.
UPDATE: I’ve been reminded that in 1995 Sen. Dodd was made the DNC co-Chair after he lost out to Sen. Daschle for minority leader, and Don Fowler handled the day to day operations as co-chair. Unfortunately, I’m at the age when 1960 is remembered more vividly than 1995.