“Support for Hizbullah stronger than ever”

That the title of this report in the Jerusalem Post. The JPost’s evidence is anecdotal and appears to pertain only to Hizbullah’s stronghold in southern Beirut. I doubt that anyone really knows yet whether, on balance, Hizbullah has more, less, or about the same support it had before the war started this summer. I think it’s beyond reasonable dispute, however, that the group continues to be extremely well-armed, that nothing stands in the way of it becoming better armed, and that its supporters are more committed and more confident than ever.
Indeed, the JPost reports that

Emboldened by [its fervent] backing, Hizbullah is demanding at least one third of seats in the country’s cabinet and threatening to go to the streets if the demand is not met. An original deadline for Monday came and went without any disruption, but the rumor is that protests could erupt later in the week.

Stay tuned.


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