Check Out PL Forum Enhancements

Since launching our totally revamped Power Line News site ten days ago, we have continued working on enhancements behind the scenes, especially on the Forum. As you may have noticed if you’ve been haunting the Forum, the Dashboard at the top of the page wasn’t giving you very useful information. We have now revised the Dashboard so that in the left-hand column, you see links to six most recent topic threads that have been started by users. In the center column are links to the topic threads that have gotten the most views over the preceding 24 hours. And in the right-hand column are links to the six posts that have gotten the highest ratings by users over the preceding 24 hours. Thus, just by looking at the Dashboard you can see what it new, what is hot, and what our readers have rated most highly at the Forum. Here is what the Dashboard now looks like; click to enlarge:

If you haven’t already registered to post on the Forum, it’s easy to do. Check out the site, and register if you want to join the conversation.


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